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Web Development Educational Resources, Part 1

potential web development educational resources

Web development educational resources You know what I like a lot more than materialistic things? Knowledge!!!! Specifically free web development educational resources. Here is a list I’ve collected and used over the course of the past few years and several of them I continue to use weekly. They help me keep my skills fresh and drive me to […]

Connection Strings for LocalDB

Using SqlLocalDB.exe

Motivation – Why LocalDB While watching a course on Pluralsight and coding along I found myself needing a database that Entity Framework could connect to. My DbContext class had a DropCreateDatabaseIfModelChanges method and some test data to store but since I hadn’t re-installed MS SQL Express since doing some maintenance on my PC I didn’t […]

Displaying error messages on submission with Angular Formly

I have started testing Angular Formly in an Angular app I am working on as an alternative to creating Angular forms in HTML. I have found the HTML approach leads to validation and control logic for the form being split between both the HTML (with many  ng-if, ng-show, ng-required/ required and ng-change directives sprinkled everywhere) and the javascript controller […]

Using newer version of npm on Windows

Want to be able to use the newest version of npm instead of the version packaged with node.js on Windows? First make sure you have node installed. As of this post v5.1.0 has been released and it comes with npm v3.3.12, but npm is up to v3.4.1 on pre-release. To get the bleeding edge features install […]

Properly cascading rejected angular promises

Angular.js promises offer a nice design pattern for asynchronous events. The way many developers often use them in angular apps looks like this

In this use-case I am returning the data passed to the callback function in the case of success and returning null in the case of a failure. In both cases the result […]

Angular.js custom filters in separate modules

I’ve been spending a lot of time recently with Angular.js, both in my own explorations and in my daily work. I have been searching for the best method of modularizing an Angular application to aid in testing, development and future maintenance. I, like many who will read this, started out in Angular creating applications in […]