Displaying error messages on submission with Angular Formly

I have started testing Angular Formly in an Angular app I am working on as an alternative to creating Angular forms in HTML. I have found the HTML approach leads to validation and control logic for the form being split between both the HTML (with many  ng-if, ng-show, ng-required/ required and ng-change directives sprinkled everywhere) and the javascript controller for the form. This makes a consistent architecture for validation and control logic difficult to maintain. It also leads to a lot of duplicated HTML in controller templates and duplicated validation logic everywhere.

Angular Formly provides what I hope will be a reprieve from this mess!

After ripping out a smaller form in my app and reconstructing it in the object literal/functional approach that Angular Formly champions I was able to get a very nice layout with the Angular Formly: Material Templates inspired by Angular Material (which has recently hit v1.0 at the time of this writing).

I needed to customize the way error/validation messages were displayed to the user, with the following requirements.

  • Validation UI signaling occurs after an element loses focus and is invalid (red border around the field)
  • Validation messages are displayed only after submitting the form with invalid elements, even if they have never had interaction from the user
  • These rules should be applied globally instead of per-field or per-form

To meet these requirements I updated my app’s config function

By setting the  formlyConfigProvider.extras.errorExistsAndShouldBeVisibleExpression to a function I can determine if the error message should be displayed for each field based on the field’s validity ( scope.fc.$invalid) and the form’s submission status ( scope.form.$submitted).

I also updated my app’s run function

Which provides a default error message on all fields that are defined with templateOptions: { required: true } or with validators: { required: function($viewValue, $modelValue, scope) { ... } }.

I then created a form in my controller template


The problem was when I submitted the form the Validation UI signalling appeared but the error message was not displayed. When I set breakpoints in app.js for the  errorExistsAndShouldBeVisibleExpression function I saw that scope.form.$submitted was always false even after I had just hit the button to submit the form.

The problem was on line one of the above controller.html. Although I had defined a form on my <formly-form> directive I had not specified the form name attribute on the <form> element. The form connected to the <formly-form> was not the form I was submitting when pressing the button.

To fix this I added a name attribute to my <form> element

Now when I submit the form, even if I have not edited any fields, the validation messages will appear for all elements that are required or have any other validation errors.

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