Web Development Educational Resources, Part 1

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Sat Jul 23 2016

Large stack of books

You know what I like a lot more than materialistic things? Knowledge!!!! Specifically free web development educational resources.

Here is a list I've collected and used over the course of the past few years and several of them I continue to use weekly.

They help me keep my skills fresh and drive me to expand my mind by learning from those who know much more than I do.

I should note that many of these are related to the work I do day-to-day, so there are quite a few resources related to JavaScript, AngularJS and ASP.NET but there are also some which are related to other technology stacks and even a few geared towards the theme of software engineering in general.

I originally collected these for my co-workers so they could also benefit from this goldmine! I do have a list I collected a year ago, Cultivating WebDev Resources, for my employer's blog which covers some of the various places online where these resources can be found. Without further ado ...

Audio & Video


Front End

Back End



Front End



I hope you find something both engaging and useful in these web development educational resources. If you have any recommendations you think I should add to the list, just let me know. I plan on making a list of text based resources (blogs, repositories, documentation) I frequent in the next entry for this series.