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Connection Strings for LocalDB

Using SqlLocalDB.exe

Motivation – Why LocalDB While watching a course on Pluralsight and coding along I found myself needing a database that Entity Framework could connect to. My DbContext class had a DropCreateDatabaseIfModelChanges method and some test data to store but since I hadn’t re-installed MS SQL Express since doing some maintenance on my PC I didn’t […]

Toggling a set of services in Windows from the command line

I work on my business’ WordPress site on my home PC which emulates our server environment. The stack I’m currently running is nginx, php and MySQL. These pieces are all registered as services in Windows so that I can turn them off and save resources when I’m not developing. MySQL registers itself as a service but nginx and php […]

Resizing a LVM install of Ubuntu 13.10 for Windows 7 Dual-Boot

I have Ubuntu 13.10 installed on my computer.  I had done a fresh install and used the LVM filesystem.  I now want to install Windows 7 on the same drive.  Apparently this isn’t so simple as one might think. Here are 2 good resources on LVM Steps: Get Ubuntu Live CD / USB […]