Toggling a set of services in Windows from the command line

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Wed Jan 27 2016

I work on my business' WordPress site on my home PC which emulates our server environment. The stack I'm currently running is Nginx, PHP and MySQL.

These pieces are all registered as services in Windows so that I can turn them off and save resources when I'm not developing. MySQL registers itself as a service but nginx and php need to be registered manually, which I was able to do with the help of NSSM which is a nice command line interface for creating, starting and stopping services (no more running services.msc !!!)

I've found that typing nssm start nginx, nssm start php, nssm start mysql is wearing down my sensitive fingers so I added a function to my .bashrc which looks like the following.

cbb() {
    nssm $1 php
    nssm $1 nginx
    nssm $1 mysql

If I run this in an Admin bash prompt then I can start or stop all my services related to my CBB work in one command. Nice!