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Toggling a set of services in Windows from the command line

I work on my business’ WordPress site on my home PC which emulates our server environment. The stack I’m currently running is nginx, php and MySQL. These pieces are all registered as services in Windows so that I can turn them off and save resources when I’m not developing. MySQL registers itself as a service but nginx and php […]

How to open Visual Studio Code from git bash in Windows

I wanted to be able to open Visual Studio Code from my current folder while in git bash on Windows. I tried a couple different methods which included calling Update.exe, which is what my VS Code shortcut calls. It looks like this

But I was having issues passing the options I wanted to this […]

Open Visual Studio solution from Git Bash

Update (2018/03/10) I’ve been using Visual Studio Preview recently and my original solution no longer works with my workflow. Instead I’ve created another function and change from using the magic start command to the devenv.exe that comes with Visual Studio. Below is what I now have in my .bashrc.

For those not great at shell […]