Sean G. Wright
Sean G. Wright

Sean G. Wright

Akron, Ohio

I am a lifetime apprentice with the desire to be a master craftsman.

Professionally I fill the role of software engineer as a student, educator, mentor, leader, team member.


Developer Lead
Application Architect
Cloud Ops Lead

May 2013 - Present

Leading the development team in new technology use, implementing best practices, daily training and education.

Architecting and developing web sites / applications built using Angular, AngularJs, Vuejs, Kentico Xperience and ASP.NET Web API/MVC, ASP.NET Core.

Consulting for clients needing techincal leadership and assistance for in-house development teams.

Managing and architecting Azure cloud operations / hosting services including DNS, development / production environments, deployments, CI/CD, performance monitoring, and provisioning.

Founding Partner
IT Director

December 2012 - Present

Web developer (CSS, Javascript, PHP, Mariadb, Wordpress, Docker, ASP.NET Core, VueJs) for B2B online publication catering to the Craft Beer Industry.

Managing web development, social media, videography, client advertising campaigns, e-newsletter, web hosting, DNS.

Web Developer
IT Operations Manager

September 2011 - May 2013
J.B. Dollar Stretcher Magazine

Developing propriertary web applications for ERP, service/product contracts, and CRM using ASP, ASP.NET, MS SQL Server, and MS Access Db.

Maintaining and configuring all physical and digital computing resources, including work stations, networking, file servers, web servers, backup managment, and inventory.


Kent State University

Bachelor of Science
Computer Science

Kent State University

Bachelor of Arts


Things I Use




  • Kentico Xperience Connection 2020 Attendee / Speaker
  • Kentico Connection Attendee 2019 Attendee / Speaker
  • Ng Conf Attendee from 2014-2019


Software Development

  • ASP.NET Core
  • Azure Functions
  • Progressive Web Apps
  • Vue.Js (Nuxt.Js)
  • F#
  • Azure Cosmos DB
  • Angular architecture
  • Unit Testing
  • Dependency Injection
  • Domain Driven Design
  • AOP (Aspect Oriented Programming)
  • Functional Programming
  • Continuous Integration


Clean Kentico Xperience

Kentico Xperience 12 and 13 with Clean Architecture Pattners

This project is an attempt to apply Clean Architecture patterns to a Kentico Xperience application.

  • CQRS
  • Decoration via C# generics
  • Separation of business logic core from persistence and presentation
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Payroll Processor

Sample HRIS application where a list of employees and their payroll information would be available in report format.

This project is an exploration of multiple interesting technologies.

  • CosmosDb
  • C# LanguageExt (Functional patterns in C#)
  • Azure Storage Queues
  • Azure Functions
  • ASP.NET Core API
  • Angular 10 client app
  • Full VS Code development support
  • Fully offline local development
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Xperience Font Awesome Integrator

.NET global tool that helps integrate Font Awesome 5 into the Kentico Xperience content management application

Creates text manifest file, manipulates Font Awesome stylesheet, and performs file system transformations for use in Xperience.

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Kentico Fluent Cache Keys

Utility library for generating consistent cache dependency keys for Kentico CMS applications.

Generates type and pattern safe cache dependency keys for Kentico CMS / Xperience using a fluent C# interface.

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Akita Demo

Akita State Management Library + Angular Demo

This is an Angular 9 application that demos how to use Akita for state management.

It also uses MirageJs as an in-browser API server.

The minimal (but important) architecture separates the Commands from the Queries. Changes to state (Commands) are performed through the Movie Serivce while the stream of state change events is accessed through the Movie Query .

Two different components show how state can be rendered as individual event streams or as one stream of complex events .

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