Reporting Services 2005 Web Portal Problem


Reporting Services 2005 Web Portal Problem

I was attempting to get a malfunctioning report server running correctly. Whenever I would try to load localhost/reports, I would get an error back stating:

The report server is not responding.

Verify that the report server is running and can be accessed from this computer

I checked suggestions here which said to make sure file permissions were set correctly on the report server folders under the MSSQL installation directory for the Network Service account, but those permissions should already be set for the SQLServer2005ReportingServicesWebServiceUser$ group of which Network Service is a member.

I then found some references on the web suggesting to check the event log on the server to see what the error was.

The error that was occurring each time I tried to load the web portal page for the report server was:

The page must have a <%@ webservice class="MyNamespace.MyClass" ... > directive",
with a Request URL of "http://localhost/ReportServer/ReportService2005.asmx

After doing a little more searching I found out that this .asmx file can become corrupted (or edited, I suppose?) and this would cause the error I was seeing. I copied the .asmx file from another server on which I have reporting services installed and overwrote the corrupted version.

Presto! The web portal loads.